Yes, it is a bit empty in here, isn't it... I'm still working on everything from every angle, and sadly, I haven't yet gotten around to making this page pretty :-(

However, the first pre-pre-PRE-alpha test version of The Open Engine is finally ready. It's not much, but it works. 95% of the time. On 80% of the computers it has been tested on so far. It still needs work, is all I'm saying. But you can download it here!

After downloading, simply extract the files to where ever you want the game to be on your computer. If you are not used to 'extracting' files, on most computers it just means clicking the right mousebutton on the thing you downloaded and choosing "Extract all files here" (you may need to move the downloaded file to your desktop or something first. If you don't know how, ask someone. It's pretty simple, but it's different in every browser). A new folder will show up where ever you did it, and inside, you'll find a folder called Library (you don't need to look in it, it's for files the game uses), an .exe file called "StartTheGame", and a manual. The manual tells you the controls used in the game. Click "StartTheGame" and the game should start.

Note that some computers protest having strange new files run on them. If you do not trust me, or your computer, don't run the file. And if you do, please, please, pleeeeaaaaaase remember, that this is NOT a finished game. It will typically have a few problems working from time to time, and on some computers, not work at all. I'm working on that...

All of this will be made much, much simpler and better. Right now, I simply need to get 72 hours of solid sleep, read 256 books on complex programming math, and then I'll be ready to continue the good work :-)